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Our dedicated crew is always ready to fix your overhead garage door using expert skills and knowledge

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It is great to have an automatic Overhead Garage Door in your home or office building. However, you cannot expect it to be perfect at all times. Whenever it gives you a headache, we are here to help. We are experts in the repair of such systems. We provide installation, maintenance and replacement as well.Overhead Garage Door

Absolute Perfection and More

Our overhead garage door service is based on precision, accuracy and speed. We have the experience to pinpoint the cause of any particular problem. We rely on our extensive expertise to come up with and implement the most efficient and cost-efficient solution. We are able to perform every repair task with absolute perfection because we use technologically advanced tools. When replacement is required, we use only top-quality parts approved by the respective door manufacturer.

You can use our services for any kind of overhead garage door troubleshooting. We can fix moving parts, panels and openers along with their accessories. If you have broken roller stems or extremely worn-out hinges, we will replace them quickly. We can provide a solution even to the most intricate spring, cable or track problem. If you have rusting sheet metal panels, decaying wood panels or broken glass panels, we can help. After we are done, your door will look fabulous and operate flawlessly.

We are experts in overhead garage door opener repair. We have everything necessary to fix any electric operator of any brand or age. The result will be a smooth and quiet operation. We can repair and replace remote controls and sensors as well.

At Garage Door Repair Hyde Park, we offer an emergency services as well. These are designed to resolve urgent overhead door problems in the fastest way possible. We have immediate response and quick arrival. Our technicians are fully equipped to provide any kind of repair straight away. We have spare parts at hand so you do not have to worry about long waiting times.

In addition to expert repair, we provide comprehensive professional maintenance. We take care of all parts from the spring to the opener and from the bottom seal to the clicker. Our installation and replacement services are speedy and accurate as well as perfectly comprehensive. We can assist you with the selection of the replacement unit completely to ensure that you will get the best bargain in terms of features and pricing.

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